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Parenting Teen Girls:
A Discussion Group for Moms

Photo taken in Grand Rapids, MI

“I dwell in possibility” were the words Emily Dickinson, the American poet, wrote many years ago. Today, these words still remain appropriate as we love and guide our children and plant seeds of hope for each child’s future. My 21 years as a high school guidance counselor created an interest in, and a passion for, helping girls with self-esteem and assertiveness issues. Today, our challenge is to help girls carve out their own unique identities and to prepare them to become strong women; emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually.

If you have a pre-teen or teen daughter, this discussion group will be helpful. Topics covered may include: raising confident daughters; girls and body image; teaching healthy personal boundaries; research on the adolescent brain; modeling effective communication skills;
adoption issues faced by teens; adoption and the search for self; ways to support adopted teenagers and to strengthen connection. Topics covered are tailored to the needs of each group.

An idea that matters:
My number one recommendation for parents is to not take my word for anything, but to really immerse themselves in the world their daughters are in, and really try to understand that world.  Then I think they’ll be more helpful to their daughters and will also understand some of the reactions their daughters have to them and to the broader world.
         Mary Pipher