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Hurry Up and Relax!

Who has time for stress management? Those of us in touch with reality know that stress is an inevitable fact of life. We need practical ideas that can help us more effectively manage our personal and job-related stress. The way we handle stress can influence communication, our credibility, our relationships with others, and how we feel about ourselves. Women need to learn how to re-define and manage their endless “to do” list. There are stress management techniques that work and taking time to explore those strategies is time well spent. Information covered in this group will be research based and the following topics may be addressed: Women who think too much; The fine art of happiness-Why does optimism matter”; Handling adversity; Solutions for personal and spiritual wellness. Take the opportunity to de-stress in a nurturing and supportive environment and develop your capacity to meet life’s ever-changing challenges. Learn to integrate self-renewal strategies that can make a difference in the quality of your life beginning today.

An idea that matters:
You’re on the right road if you’re happy when you’re lost.