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Exploring Truth:
Women’s Spiritual Wellness Group

If you enjoy thought-provoking readings related to spirituality, are interested in authentic dialogue, establishing a spiritual practice, and learning strategies to quiet your mind, then this discussion group may be for you

Advertising, Body Image and
Your Daughter’s Self Esteem
As women and role models for our daughters, we need to teach them about the powerful influence of the media. A girl’s body image and how attractive or worthy she feels is often influenced by advertising, television and fashion magazines

Change, Stress and Humor! How change-skilled are you? Do you resist or welcome change? Do you need to increase your tolerance for change and ambiguity?

Dealing With Difficult People
(And Keeping Your Sense of Humor!)
Did you ever wonder how to deal with challenging people more effectively? Difficult people can add stress to your personal life as well as destroy morale and diminish creativity

Exploring Truth: Living Your Yoga “There is no enlightenment outside of daily life,” according to Thich Nhat Hanh. Yoga is a practical way to experience everyday spirituality, develop mindfulness and nourish mind, body and spirit. If you would like an opportunity to explore the spiritual aspects of a solid practice, this discussion group could be for you

Hurry Up and Relax! Who has time for stress management? Those of us in touch with reality know that stress is an inevitable fact of life. We need practical ideas that can help us more effectively manage our personal and job-related stress
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An Evening on Forgiveness Having difficulty forgiving someone who has hurt us in some way almost seems to be part of our human nature. It’s natural to feel upset when we feel hurt, ignored or betrayed
Books Worth Talking About A four-week discussion group that is a “book club” for women who don’t have time to read books! You may be interested in reading and always intending to get to that book you have heard about or might enjoy